M = Mulch

Mulch Diggums from Artemis Fowl

There are some characters who, when you meet them, wow you with their abilities and their sheer creativity. Mulch Diggums is such a character. A dwarf, of all creatures, meant to be a miner, who willingly gave up magic to steal mud men treasure.

Yup, if my talents lead me to a life of digging in the dirt I’d want to end up with precious gems and gold at the end of the tunnel too.

Mulch Diggums Digging

How does he dig these tunnels of mass thievery? He unhinges his jaws and consumes the dirt and rock at high speeds and well, the waste by-products must go somewhere. This probably contributes greatly to his horrid smell, a running joke in the series. Of course, he has a criminal record with the LEP or the Lower Elements Police and starts out his story in custody.

With the high-speed movement of such mass comes a buildup of gasses and Mulch is infamous for his torpedo and cyclone flatulence, powerful and rather deadly attacks. His spit is also handy working in the dark below due to its properties to glow, harden and sedate. My favorite of his abilities though are his kleptomaniac tools. He can pick up vibrations underground with his beard hair, as well as form keys and other useful items by pulling strands to stiffen them. Fun, right?

Mulch Artemis Fowl Books

Eoin Colfer became a household name in the homes of families everywhere as the children’s book author who created the Artemis Fowl series. We get a glimpse into his mind through his own description of his books: “Die Hard with fairies,” a 12-year-old human boy left to his own devices by neglectful parents uses his mastermind to wage war on the hidden world of the fairies.

Mulch Diggums is just a petty criminal compared to Artemis and his trusty Butler. Smart for a small time thief but still no comparison so it makes sense when he teams up with the kid. On top of that LEP officer Holly Short, Commander Julius Root and the highly intelligent inventor Foaly are constantly sniffing him out and as members of the fairy police have rules and regulations to follow. Still it wouldn’t be as fun if everyone were good and everything were easy…would it?

“Hey I’m already public enemy number one, it’s not as if I can go any higher on the list.”

-The Time Paradox

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