J = Jeremy

Jeremy from Youre Beautiful

This is Jeremy. Yes, yes, Jeremy. That’s it, we never learn the rest of his name in the k-drama, You’re Beautiful. He’s not normally this angry or mean. Yet both the name and the face suit the character, for Jeremy doesn’t have a subtle bone in his body. It also suits the role his character plays in the drama as a pop star and drummer for the fake band A*N.JELL, a play on the kanji (hanja) meaning angel.

Jeremy is one of three band mates who are joined by a new fourth member who turns out to be a girl disguised as her brother who has had to go to the US to get corrective surgery. For all intents and purposes Jeremy is the fun, quirky and ultimately accepting member of the band. He’s totally clueless as to what is really going on and that is what you love most about him.

Who else should portray a pop star if not a real pop star? Lee Hong-ki is the lead vocalist and rapper for South Korean pop rock group, F.T. Island. A previous child actor, Jeremy is his comeback role into the adult world. And the role couldn’t be better suited to him.

Jeremy’s skill lay in making you laugh. He brightens your day. The crazy haircuts and extreme expressions are his emotions worn openly on his sleeve. When he’s angry you know it. When he’s happy you know it. When he doesn’t like you, you know it. Such an open and bright person can easily be over the top and lacking in authenticity, Lee Hong-ki makes him very real.

Jeremy - Youre Beautiful Aprons

So real that when Jeremy shares with Go Mi-nam (the girl) about his magic bus, you melt right along with her. When he starts to struggle with the fact he’s attracted to Go Mi-nam before he knows he’s a she, you see such anguish and then when he learns the truth about her his joy is contagious. One of my favorite scene is in the grocery store with the three of band mates as they remember the different adverts they did over the course of their career.

His look of guilt in this scene above speaks so well to his character. Where the other two are upset their little revenge failed Jeremy innocently reflects their plot on his face. The music though makes the character. (You can play his song from the show below.) He shares with Go Mi-nam his feelings for her on their last magic bus ride. It’s hard and anguished and beautiful.

Such is the depth and breathe of Jeremy.

Currently, Lee Hong-ki stars as in the 2014 k-drama, Bride of the Century. It’s a totally different kind of character: a quiet and reserved man. While he lacks some of the depth behind the eyes of my favorite Korean actors, it’s a skill he’ll learn with more experience.

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