G = Gizmo

Gizmo Fan Drawing

Gremlins is one of my first legitimate movie memories. This is the stuff of movie loving. Gizmo is integral to this loving and as a result I will forever desire unusual alien pets for my cuddly companions. I remember exiting the movie theater bawling because Gizmo was taken from Billy and returned to Mr. Wing, his real owner. I felt keenly as a child and nothing is so traumatizing as being stripped of a beloved pet. (I’ve never had a pet die but I assume it’s a painful experience – see how you can learn anything from movies?!)

Gizmo is the companion of an elderly Chinese man who owned a small junk shop. He’s picked up by a permissive father who wants to make a big splash for his son’s birthday. Gizmo doesn’t have an ounce of meanness in him and in fact, refuses to do evil. One of a race called the Mogwai, he is 1 in 1000 because of his adorable and kind nature. He has a basic grasp of language but it’s his cute and touching singing that really endears you to Gizmo.

This is one of the few times I feel like an “accident” works to advance the story. There were three rules Billy is given in order to be Gizmo’s companion: don’t feed him after midnight, don’t get him wet, or expose him to sunlight. A glass of water spawns him a bunch of trouble making brothers. They are not of an eternal nature and so they trick poor Billy into mistake after mistake. Fortunately Gizmo lives up to heroes everywhere and saves the day.

A love of television and an ability of mimicry can you blame me for loving this little guy? To be honest is Gremlins an out of this world movie? No, probably not. It doesn’t change how a little girl felt every time she cuddled with the plush version of a furry little hero.

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