E = Edward

Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist

Not that Edward! Damn glittery vampires…*grumble* No, I mean the self-sacrificing older brother Edward Elric.

An orphan with an estranged father, physically challenged prosthetic user, brilliant teenage alchemist, along with his Napoleonic tantrums over hints to his size are only a handful of the traits that make Ed stand out from other characters. Physically, of course, there is his 5’5″ height and his auto-mail arm and leg but also his gold eyes, his long golden braid and his red cape-like coat over his stark black uniform.

There is also his determination never to kill another human being despite fighting for his life hundreds of times. There is his extreme loyalty toward those he cares about, to the point he’ll join in your fight, fighting with you the entire time. There is the dichotomy of his insistence that people must take responsibility for their circumstances contrasted to his compassionate sympathy for people who have the will to change things but not the means. And, of course, there is his title given to him by the army: Fullmetal Alchemist.

In Japan, where the anime (and manga it’s based on) are from, Fullmetal or Hagane (literally meaning: steel) is a term that means incredibly stubborn. Uhh, yup, like Edward…

No, none of these matter so as much as the designation of older brother to Alphonse. He only lost an arm in the doomed transmutation to bring his mother back to them. Al lost his entire body. Yet Ed willingly, without thought or pause as an 11-year-old boy sacrificed his leg from the knee down to bind his brother’s soul to a towering suit of armor. These brothers are the product of equivalent exchange: the law of nature that states for everything, there is a price – you can’t create something from nothing.

They learned the hard way being too smart for their own good. And now Edward pursues a solution with his unwavering focus to return his and his brother’s bodies to their rightful state.

Along the way life continues. They meet friends who will become family. They gain allies who will fight at their side. They make enemies they will be forced to take down. They lose a man who treated them like family. And they did it all together as brothers.

AtoZ Challenge Logo smallThis month I’m participating in a writing challenge to post everyday in April (except Sundays) called the A to Z Challenge. I’m exploring my love of characters, find the full list here. Read some of my other writing posts here. What characters do you love?


7 thoughts on “E = Edward”

    1. Watch the Brotherhood version if do decide to go for it as it’s ending is as the author intended and not some producer who has crazy visions that have nothing to do with the characters involved. Cheers.

    1. Me too. When we saw Brotherhood had come out we snatched it up. Was wonderfully more sensical than what the anime developers came up with. It really supports my premise that source material was normally chosen to adapt for a reason – it at least makes sense! I really liked how they didn’t redo the setup which already worked but got on with the story where they really deviated. 🙂

  1. Stopping by on the 6th day of the #Challenge. Your blog gets a blue ribbon for ‘way cool’ presentation. Love the clarity, uncluttered information presented artfully. Congratulations. I’m writing about gardening and related topics this month…if you have time or interest, stop by.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I actually would teleport from my car to my house if it meant I didn’t have to go outside, but I love a garden view…does that count? Your blog is lovely. And today’s F post was grand. Love including family in everything I do. Cheers.

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