B = Brimstone

Brimstone from Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Brimstone is a wishmonger who deals in teeth. (The more teeth, the bigger the teeth, the better the wishes.) He’s withdrawn, sullen and secretive. (No, you can’t know what he does with the teeth either!) Oh yeah, he’s also one of a race of supernatural beings called chimaera. (See description below.) And he also happens to be a parent to a teenage girl named Karou. (She calls him simply the grump.)

Brimstone is heavily scarred and possesses the arms and torso of a muscular human covered in a tough brown hide, with legs like that of a golden lion bearing raptor-like feet. His head is ram-like with hide instead of fur and gives way to scales around his flat, ovine nose, and reptilian eyes. Giant yellowed rams horns frame his face on both sides and the only ornament on his person is a set of jeweler’s lenses on a chain. He is only one of many different kinds of chimaera.

As far as parents go he’s full of dire warnings like this one found in Chapter 59 (page 405) of Daughter of  Smoke and Bone by :

“Magic isn’t a tool of peace. The price is too high. The only way I can keep using it, cycling souls through death after death, is by believing that we are keeping alive until…until the world can be remade.”

He also happens to be Karou’s boss. As far as jobs go, being an errand girl is totally easy, if equally odd. The subject of her packages: teeth. Rare ones, common ones and every kind of tooth in between. His obsession with teeth is rather inexplicable to his daughter, all she knows is he spends all his time hunched over his work bench. She comes and goes through the front door leading to locations all over earth (though her favorite is Prague).

He’s a sculptor at heart as much as Karou is an artist. This links them together; they are family. His is a precision work where all his concentration must focus… otherwise all will be lost. It is a specialized field building bodies, cobbled together for the fallen in an ageless war. The only taboo is the wishbone tied around his neck. It isn’t the only thing he keeps from her, but he’s able to hide behind the hope his efforts foster. He’s all that holds the Seraphim tide back.

Everything changes when dark hands seared onto secluded doors start appearing around the globe. The key is Brimstone. Karou is his daughter. She is his murderer. She’ll be his revenger. They are resurrectionists.

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7 thoughts on “B = Brimstone”

    1. I know, right?! Between the teeth and Prague (one of my favorite cities in Europe) this book was a no brainer for me and I wasn’t disappointed. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    1. Some do actually exchange their own as they feel the wish they get in return in worth it. Others do this for a living and obtain them from elsewhere! I know this is probably a more serious reply than you anticipated but teeth are a super serious topic. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Cheers.

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