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Links Amongst A Writing Storm

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If this is your first time to my blog then you’ve landed in a post rich month! During the month of April I’m participating in a challenge to blog everyday of the month (except Sundays) and I’ve chosen characters to highlight. It’s a fun topic where I get to focus on what I love but it also creates a writing storm of posts to wade through if you want to get to more serious posts.

You can click through the slider on my main page to hit my recurring posts: Writing DiagnosticPurely Production or K-dramas.

I’ve participated in several blogathons this past week: Blindspot Movies with March’s post, Spin-off blogathon, God blogathon and Captain America blogathon.

March was a massive movie month with several posts covering recent releases:  Ender’s Game, The Book Thief, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Saving Mr. Banks.

Books are a big deal in my life particularly my Book Club with March’s addition. I also explored the topics of Sex in BooksSpecial Abilities and the connection between Guns and Stress.

If you’re here about the writing then look up my How to Become Popular Series which explores 7 steps to engaging the audience.

Interested in the writer behind the blog then read a little more about me or about my purpose this year.

Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to follow me…and remember to comment. Let’s get a great discussion going.

“I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort, where we overlap.”
― Ani DiFranco

My new blogging friends over at Comparative Geeks have nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award, head on over there and check them out. They blog about a variety of interests but my favorite are their character studies! (Of course!)


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    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yup it’s good to be busy. It’s grand knowing someone else from Alaska! My friend here in Texas grew up there and Alaska is in her blood.

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