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April Showers, May-ny Fantabluous…

This year I made lots of goals to make this blog a regular place I come to write. I’ve been pretty successful so far so I thought a challenge was in order. A blogging challenge hosted by a group of bloggers here with the theme reveals here. They’ve been around a few years and it’s been a successful events for them. I love a challenge so when I read about it I was really intrigued.

Characters Featured

What could I blog about every day (except for Sundays) where I could use every letter of the alphabet but not go over 100-200 words per post?

Yeah, a tall order for miss talk-a-lot over here!

March came around and still no ideas, though I remembered that I did want to participate in the challenge set for April 1st… I finally came upon the answer watching Catching Fire and marveling how stunning Donald Sutherland was as President Snow (loved how he showed you what he thought with a wave of his hand).

Characters…I love them, they are my motivation to keep reading, keep watching, keep blogging. At the core of any story if you have a powerful character they will come.

So my theme for this year’s A to Z Challenge is:

April Showers Bring May-ny Fantabluous Characters.

I love movies, books, television and other unique forms of media including k-dramas, manga and anime. I’ll tap them all to bring you some of the funnest, most powerful and unusual characters to grace stories everywhere. Here’s a list of my posts that I’ll link to for easy access to all the letters! (P.S. I’m raising the word cap to 500 as anything lower than that is pushing my abilities.)

K=Katsuya, Kyoko & Kazuma
M=Mulch Diggums
P=Pale Man
Q=Qui-Gon Jinn
W=Wah Sing Ku
X= Xander

AtoZ Challenge Logo small

Feel free to comment with your favorite characters and why they should have made the list!

Thanks for reading, XOXO

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35 thoughts on “April Showers, May-ny Fantabluous…”

    1. Go right ahead and steal! I’ll look forward to your post on whichever of them it is.

      YAY! On sharing themes, I love characters. I’ll head on over and take a gander at yours…I’ve actually been anticipating your first post. hehe. Cheers.

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