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Top Ten Reasons I Love Blogging & Reading

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday over at The Broke and Bookish asks us to explore why we love being a blogger and a reader

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#1 – Falling in Love with Character

Character is my number one draw in any story. It’s hard to care what is happening plot wise if I don’t have equal affection for a character participating in said events. There is something about a character who comes to life and inhabits my world, who exposes me to different and unique points of view that I love.

#2 – The Creation of Worlds

I love feeling a world build up around a character. Even when a world is set in our own time, a character’s world is formed by who they are, what they notice, how they think. As a blogger I’m able to share the wonder I feel at knowing these characters, these worlds; at experiencing the unique and creative energies of other writers.

#3 – Experiencing New Things

A life only has so much time and yet the twenty-first century has been blown open for us! We know so much about the world nowadays. This is the best time to be reading. We can partake of the richness to be had from the world at large, all through the power of story. Different cultures, time periods, ways of thinking, places, ways of acting, the list goes on and on from place to place across the whole earth.

#4 – Reading About Yourself

There is raging debate about many a book series. They range from the virulent hatred for such works as Twilight to passionate adoration for the exact same work. Why? Because we put our self in place of the protagonists. Stories are as much about who the reader is as it is about who the protagonist is. Yes, we explore personally, worlds and new experiences but we also explore our self, how we would react, choices we would make. It creates a powerful environment for self-evaluation. That’s the motivation behind such passionate love and hate.

#5 – Blogging = Writing

It seems like a natural plus to blogging but I love it because it improves my writing. The more we write the better we’ll get, the faster we’ll get, and the better able to make our point. When you have something you want to share it’s very easy to blog about it. As a writer myself though I want it to be the best it can be. Sometimes though we have to write it and let it go. It can’t always be perfect. Blogging helps me to practice that – set a deadline and keep to it, even if it isn’t perfect.

#6 – Book Stories are Different from Television & Movie Stories

I love all forms of media that can tell a story, it’s why I love being such a unique blogger. Each form has its own strengths and vision that it imparts to its fans. With reading we actually get to occupy other people. With television we explore the length and breathe that life takes, the journey. With movies we get overwhelmed by the beauty of the visual world. Without books we wouldn’t understand the power and weakness all forms of story hold for their audiences.

#7 – Exploring the Unimaginable

We all have at our disposal varying degrees of creativity and imagination. What I imagine and dream of are not the same as those my neighbor holds or creates. That uniqueness is celebrated through story. That’s why despite the many writers the world holds we never have too many. It’s said that no idea is new in today’s world. That may be true but there are as many versions of that idea as people on the earth. It’s the unimaginable perspective of others that are to be found in stories.

#8 – Boring & Imperfect Life

Stories are the stuff of excitement. Whatever our tastes they go right to the heart of why we are reading. If we live lives of plenty and peace we can read about a character’s misfortunes and struggles, giving us an appreciation for our own circumstances. If our lives lack passion and conflict we gravitate towards a character filled with love and too many choices. For every point in life we can explore our opposite, our familiar, our alien.

#9 – Sharing My Passion

Threaded through every single one of these reasons is my core focus. I love being a blogger because I love sharing my passion, not only for books but for movies and television. Story is key. Whatever your favorite type of media they all contain innumerable stories to explore, learn and enjoy. The better story is the better our experience in that story. That’s why reviewing media is a passion for so many bloggers, myself included.

#10 – Creative Juices A’flowing

We don’t blog in a vacuum. I love that we can all talk about the same subject and build on those ideas. We inspire each other to think more deeply about what we believe and why we believe it. The drive to fit the other’s ideas into how we view those ideas creates all sorts of directions we too can travel toward. At the heart of a blogger is a writer; at once we want to inspire and be inspired. It’s the beauty of blogging, writing and reading.

Top 10 Blogging - LuigiL Character DrawingWhy do you love blogging? What is your goal in blogging? Are you a reader, movie goer or television stalker? Why do you love story?

Top Ten Tuesday LogoThanks for reading! XOXO

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