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Resolute Resolutions for 2014

I firmly believe the best way to reach your goals is to start off as you mean to go along. Sure you can fall off the bandwagon at times but muscle memory will have you hopping to your feet to jump back on the train. For this reason I love the start of a new year. As January first rolls around we have a chance to act better, write better and post better. We can start over, recommit or forge on stronger, whatever will improve what came before. Let’s ring in the new year…

Welcome 2014

This year my main goal is to: Write. Every. Day.

Not a post every day, but simply to write something and… Not fear. Not dread. Not procrastinate.

To help me in this endeavor I’ve started several regular posts so even when I get slammed you’ll hear from me. This is a good thing because I intensely dislike missing a recurring event. Odd I know, but if it’s something that happens regularly I’ll make it a priority. Whatever works, right?

Series Mondays

I love projects! With them comes depth and exploration. Projects demand to be broken down, patterns created and reformed. Every Monday you’ll get a piece of the whole that all links back to a main page that sums up all the depth filled yummy-ness. I’ll try to mix it up and not follow television with television, but you never know. Exploration is like that, you ride the trail and play out the ride.

Writing Diagnostic

Editing is like a muscle: the more you examine the problems in other works the easier it is to diagnose troubled areas in your own work. Writing Diagnostic is a monthly post where I explore weak points in a specific work and suggest solutions to strengthen the story as a whole. I’m already on my 3rd post coming this month!

Purely Production

Purely Production is all things shallow, shiny and well, visual. A monthly post where I explore the different elements that affect a finished media, for good or ill. We’ll forget about writing for a moment and delve into all the bedazzling doodads that dress a story. These are longer posts because they tend to be lists where I can touch upon larger patterns in a light way. Successful so far I’m heading into my 4th post in January…

Experienced Book Clubber

This year I’ll also be launching a monthly post covering my book club’s selections. (Read about the choices here.) I’ll highlight the best detail in their selection and share how the ladies responded to the book (it’ll all be praise I assure you). On our break months I’ll post about a 2013 book from the club that’s been lingering in the back of my mind.

Blind Spot Movies

I really want to make seeing movies a priority this year. What form should this take? Well Ruth at FlixChatter introduced me to The Matinee’s blogathon the Blind Spot series. In the interest of watching down our “Movies To See” list of classics and foreign films we choose 12 movies to highlight. By focusing on one movie a month we can savor the great lessons to be had from bygone years and from around the world. I’ll be posting right before or on the last Tuesday of the month like Ryan at The Matinee so I can share the other participating movie posts. I’ll post my list of movies for 2014 later this week!

Dive into Culture: k-dramas

Television can’t be left out in the cold. It’s a format that fascinates me in the extreme as we get to linger with characters in a way you just don’t have time to do with a book or a movie. My passion for all things Asian has been stirred with my exposure to streaming sites with a plethora of k-dramas. As a writer I love experiencing new things and you will too as I take you on a wild ride through Korean television.

Movies, Television and Books, oh my!

Every month I’ll also try to tap each kind of media at least once in a stand alone post. There is so much out there and so much to learn. The medium in which a story is presented has direct bearing on the narrative and how successful it comes across to the audience. Let’s explore the nuts and bolts of story such as pacing, character development and sympathy, and plotting.

I’m also working on fleshing out my Unique Discussions section, planning to fill it with my secret loves, manga, anime, and k-dramas. (Of course!) Unusual story forms are great exposure to thinking outside the box. They help with brainstorming and using your own hidden creativity to create better stories.

January Start

I love the world of story. As a writer I want to bring my audience a unique and wild ride that will inspire, overwhelm and enhance. Doesn’t every writer dream of doing so? By exploring different medias and the problems and strengths in other writer’s stories our ability to accomplish that goal will grow and expand.

Let’s make 2014 the best blogging and writing year yet!

Thanks for reading, XOXO

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